Beneficiary : Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) has an international reputation for applied research on water resources, including the characterization and restoration of coupled groundwater-surface water systems and their ecosystem functions.

Experimental field site at the Selke River (part of the Terrestrial Environmental Observatories – TERENO and the Critical Zone Exploration Network – CZEN) equipped with 25 piezometers to monitor riparian and hyporheic flow and solute transport. Automated sensors with data loggers for water level, temperature and EC as natural tracers and concentrations of O2, and NO3 in piezometers and in the stream. Software and support for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and reactive transport simulations as well as high performance computing and visualisation infrastructures.

Members involved in ENIGMA ITN

Prof. Jan Fleckenstein (Professor)
Dr. Nico Trauth
Dr. Ulrike Werban

Hosting of ESR