Beneficiary : µQuans

µQuanS ( has put together a unique team composed of highly skilled R&D engineers, covering various areas of expertise.
µQuanS has started to build its core competences, which are based in a unique technological expertise in:
• system design/integration, combining  deep knowledge in quantum mechanics and rigorous design methodology;
• several key areas critical for our activities: laser stabilization, low-noise electronics, agile microwave synthesis, ultra-high vacuum, optomechanics and real-time software.

µQuans is developing a new range of high-precision absolute gravimeters for field applications. It achieves the first commercial gravimeter based on laser-cooled atoms.

µQuanS has a fully equipped laboratory for the development of its instruments (optics & lasers, electronics & microwave, vacuum). It can also offer the infrastructure to handle powerful data processing required for the analysis of gravity measurements.

Members involved in ENIGMA ITN

Dr. Vincent Menoret (research engineer)
Bruno Desruelle (CEO of Muquans)

Hosting of ESR