Beneficiary : University of Liège

The University of Liège (ULG) is a state-funded university with about 20,000 students and 3300 academic staff. The ArGEnCo Department of Civil Engineering hosts the GEO³ unit with about 40 people.

Main skills are concentrated on

  • identification, characterization and quantitative evaluation of groundwater (quantity and quality aspects)
  • geophysical imaging
  • joint hydrogeophysical inversion
  • multiple-point geostatistics
  • detailed multi-tracer tests combined with deterministic/conditional stochastic modelling for flow and contaminant transport in the scope of environmental studies, protection zones, vulnerability assessment, DPSIR analysis, georesources management, characterization of contaminated sites.

Members involved in ENIGMA ITN

Prof. Alain Dassargues (Professor)
Prof. Frederic Nguyen (Professor)
Dr. Thomas Hermans
Dr. Serge Brouyère
Dr. Nolwenn Lesparre

Hosting of ESR