Presentation: Fractured aquifer heterogeneity characterization for advanced transport modelling based on multiple single fracture tracer tests

Event: 45th IAH – Korea (International Association of Hydrogeologists), 2018
Presentation by Richard Hoffmann, Pascal Goderniaux, Angélique Poulain, Alain Dassargues


Assessing fractured rocks, like a complex double porosity chalk, requires an advanced heterogeneity characterization and preferential pathway quantification. This contributes for reducing the uncertainty of transport predictions for protecting this excellent drinking water suppliers. With flowmeter tests and optical imaging, a horizontal main fracture between two adjacent 7.55 m distant wells is figured out. Injecting jointly 70 h heat and two solute pulses in a dipole configuration shows a strong heat delay and temperature rebound due to matrix reactions. Using dissolved gases jointly with a solute show, that the higher the tracer diffusivity the higher the confronted flow heterogeneity.

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