The ENIGMA network works closely with other networks, notably working on long-term experimental infrastructures. Datasets produced during experiments will be inserted onto the network databases.

H+ network

The H+ network is the French long-term observation system for hydrogeological research and was created in 2002. It hosts international teams developing novel subsurface monitoring and imaging techniques, such as the ENIGMA ITN project. H+ experimental site in Ploeumeur hosted the ENIGMA second workshop in October 2017.

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TERENO network

Established in 2008, TERENO is a German long-term research program on consequences of global change for terrestrial ecosystems and its socioeconomic implications.

ENIGMA ESR are working on several TERENO-linked experimental sites.

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HOBE Observatory

HOBE is the Danish hydrological observatory, established in 2007. It is working a an interdisciplinary research programme, with a strong training activity.

ENIGMA ESR are working on several HOBE sites.

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