Part of ENIGMA ITN obligations towards the EU regarding the execution of the Grant Agreement is production of delivrables. They inform about the project’s progress, whether from the technical side or scientific part. Please find below these deliverables. They are also available on ENIGMA project page on the European Commission website.

ReferenceNameDate of submission
D16First workshopJuly 2017
D17Second workshopSeptember 2017
D31Progress reportJanuary 2018
D18Third workshopFebruary 2018
D19ENIGMA Summer SchoolJuly 2018
D20Fourth workshopOctober 2018
D32Mid-term reportOctober 2018
D7Field test of novel techniques for quantifying water content spatial distributions and temporal fluctuationsDecember 2018
D13Report on joint inversion procedures for multiple and disparate datasets (soft and hard data) with realistic subsurface structure reconstruction methodsDecember 2018
D8Report: Critical assessment of emerging techniques for in situ monitoring of water content and fluxesDecember 2018
D12Validated algorithms for fully coupled 3-D inversionDecember 2018