ESR N° 12: Spectral induced polarization monitoring for in-situ quantification of biochemical reactions


Research Fellow: Satoshi Izumoto, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


(1) To establish quantitative relationships between spectral induced polarization (SIP) signal and biochemical reactions in laboratory experiments and (2) to validate the relationships in field measurements

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Estimated dates :

CNRS Rennes
Between June-July 2018 : 1 month
Between Sept – Nov 2018 : 3 months

CNRS Rennes
Between March -May 2019 : 3 months
Between Sept – Nov 2019 : 3 months

Tasks and methodology

1.1 A milli fluidic model including porous media will be developed so that SIP signals can be clearly detected.

1.2 The effect of biochemical reaction on SIP signal will be investigated with a milli fluidic model.

2. In-situ biochemical reactions will be quantified with electrical impedance tomography measurement.

Project description:

Spectral induced polarization (SIP) determines the frequency-dependent complex electrical conductivity in the mHz to kHz frequency range. Recent studies have suggested the possibility of using SIP to monitor microbial activity, biofilm presence and activity, and the associated biogeochemical reactions in non-destructive way. However, it is still difficult to distinguish the multiple origins of the SIP signal, such as porous media characteristics, aqueous phase saturation, microbial activity, and chemical reactions involving precipitation, redox reaction, etc.
In this project, the effect of directly observed biofilms and biochemical reactions on SIP signals will be investigated in laboratory experiments with imaging equipment and a 2D transparent micromodel. The above photo shows a prototype micromodel adapted to SIP. Based on these laboratory insights, we will investigate biofilm distribution and development as well as biochemical reactions at the Ploemeur site in France.


Johan Alexander Huisman – Forschungszentrum Jülich

Dissemination and communication

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Database for the future datasets : H+ database


Spectral induced polarization: The electric polarization which determines the frequency-dependent complex electrical conductivity in the mHz to kHz frequency range

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