ESR N° 13 :Fully coupled hydrogeophysical inversion of 3D tracer tomography using temporal moments and Ensemble Kalman Filtering

Research Fellow: Veronika RIECKH

Country of origin:  AUSTRIA
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Host Institution : UNIVERSITY of TÜBINGEN,
Center of Applied Geoscience, Germany

Project Description:

3-D time-lapse ERT will be used for monitoring of salt tracer experiments and will be combined with GPR imaging of salt-tracer tests transient hydraulic tomography or heat tracer testing . Other geophysical surveys may be used to obtain structural information.

The innovation of the ESR project lies in the development of fully coupled 3D-inversion methods for the joint analysis of field-scale tomographic data sets from multiple investigation techniques. In this context, Ensemble-Kalman methods will be adapted as inversion techniques. Field testing requires the extension of experimental concepts for tomographic salt-tracer testing with ERT and GPR monitoring and will be validated the Lauswiesen site of the University of Tübingen and then applied at other ENIGMA sites.

Collaborations on geophysical data acquisition and inversions techniques with ESRs  14 and 15.

Objectives: Development of fully coupled 3D inversion for in-situ monitoring of salt-tracer tests with ERT and cross-hole GPR

More details about ESR13-project:

Secondments : 

• 3 months at ULG Liège: January – March 2019
• 1 month at CSIC Barcelona: November 2019

Tasks and methodology

–        Hydrological salt tracer tests combined with geophysical surveys such as electrical resistivity tomography and GPR at the local test site of Lauswiesen

–        Development of an effective scheme for a fully-coupled inversion of geophysical and hydrological data

–        Adapting Ensemble Kalman methods for data inversion techniques

Dissemination and communication

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Video field time lapse : 


Prof. Olaf A. Cirpka,

Dr. C. Leven-Pfister

Database for the future datasets : Campos database

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