ESR N° 5: Monitoring spatio-temporal water redistribution in the subsurface with seismic methods

Research Fellow: Lara Blazevic

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Host Institution :
Université de Rennes 1,


  • Qualify seismic methods as tools to capture temporal evolution of the subsurface water content/pressure.
  • Synthetize and propose links between porosity/fracture density, saturation/pressure states, hydrodynamic parameters and seismic properties in both consolidated and unconsolidated media.
  • Set up experiments to evaluate petrophysical relationships and relate available information content to subsurface properties.
  • Gain insights on the issues related to application of these methods in industry and challenges in the real world problems.

More details about ESR5-project:


– UNIL (Lausanne, Switzerland): mid-April or mid-May to mid-August 2019 (3 or 4 months)
– UNIL (Lausanne, Switzerland): 2020 (remaining 3 or 2 months)

Tasks and methodology:

  1. Finding appropriate connections/links between hydrodynamic parameters and seismic properties.
  2. Exploiting the full wealth of active seismic signals and extracting information from temporal variations.
  3. Hydrogeophysical experiments with scaled seismic noise monitoring.

Supervisors:  Laurent Longuevergne, Ludovic Bodet and Damien Jougnot

Dissemination and communications:

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  • L. Blazevic, L. Bodet, D. Jougnot, L. Longuevergne (2018) Finding appropriate rocks physics models to interpret seismic data in hydrogeophysics applications. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Washington, December 10-14 (Poster).
  • Poster presented during the 4th Cargèse Summer School : Monitoring spatio-temporal water redistribution in the subsurface with seismic methods
  • Oral presentation at doctoral school days at MINES ParisTech:
    • 05/04/2018 Paris: Journées des Doctorants – École Doctorale Géosciences, Ressources Naturelles et Environnement

Media :

  • Video of a field experiments on the Ploemeur site :

Database for the future datasets : H+ database

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