Upcoming events

14/16 April 2020 – In Situ Imaging of Dynamic subsurface Processes Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark ) | Morepostponement to an unknown date to to the COVID-19 outbreak

Past events


4/8 May – EGU General Assembly- held online due to COVID-19 outbreak


9/13 December – AGU Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA) | ENIGMA-involved researchers communications

6/8 NovemberENIGMA meeting n°6 at UFZ (Leipzig, Germany)

26/30 August – GEOCENTER, University of Copenhagen – Ph.D. course on Surface-ground water interaction: From watershed processes to hyporheic exchange . More information

1/ 5 July – Venice International University – VIU Graduate Seminar
Hydrogeophysical inversion and data assimilation for the characterization and monitoring of coastal aquifers. More information

7/12 April – EGU General Conference (Vienna, Austria)
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-> ENIGMA participants

4/8 FebruaryWorkshop 5 “Lifetime Skills” and Midterm Review meeting at IDAEA CSIC (Barcelona, Spain)


30 JuneENIGMA Meeting n°4 in Cargèse, France

25 June / 7 July4th Cargèse Summer School (Corsica, France) – “Flow and transport in porous and fractured media” part of ENIGMA Training program

9/13 April – EGU General Conference (Vienna, Austria)

12/15 FebruaryWorkshop 4 of ENIGMA Training program – “Advanced inverse modelling and stochestic representations of heterogeneous porous and fractured media” in Lausanne, Switzerland

9/10 February ENIGMA Meeting n°3 – Lausanne, Switzerland

6/8 FebruaryWorkshop 3 of ENIGMA Training program – “Predictive modelling and upscaling of flow and reactive transport in heterogeneous aquifers” in Lausanne, Switzerland


15/20 OctoberWorkshop 2 of ENIGMA training program – “multi-scale in situ investigation of fractured media: theory and field practice” in Ploemeur, France

12/13 OctoberENIGMA Meeting n°2 – Liège, Belgium

8/13 OctoberWorkshop 1 of ENIGMA training program – “Advanced subsurface characterization methods: theory and field practice” in Liège, Belgium

30/31 JanuaryKickoff meeting of ENIGMA in Paris, France

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