Enigma ITN Committees

The Enigma Management structure

The Supervisory Board is the key governance structure of the ENIGMA network. Its missions are twofold: first elaborating and assessing the scientific research training programme, second coordinating the actions of the subcommittees. Please click here for the detailed composition of the Supervisory Board.

  1. The Training and Tutoring Committee (TTC) regularly meets to implement the training programme. A fellow tutor, appointed by the supervisory board, is the interlocutor of the ESRs for all technical and personal problems, conflict resolutions or advice. Composition of the TTC.
  2.  The Experimental Infrastructure Committee (EIC) gathers every six months to manage cooperative work between ESR projects and the long term experiemental sites ESRs field tests are done. Its ensures the quality of produced data and its availability for the scientific Community. Composition of the EIC.
  3. The Selection Committee was active at the beginning of the project to recruit ESRs and facilitate their integration within the ENIGMA network. Composition of the Selection Committee.

The Advisory Board meets every year to assess ENIGMA scientific work as well as project management. Composition of the Advisory Board.