The Experimental Infrastructure Committee

The EIC is proposed to manage efficiently the link between the ESR projects and the long term experimental sites where the new technologies and methods will be tested. This committee will be composed of the experimental site managers, and three experts from the Advisory Board. The committee will gather every six months to discuss the planning of the field tests and identify opportunities for experimental synergies between ESR projects, and with on-going activities on the experimental sites. The EIC will ensure that the produced data meet the highest quality standard, and are stored and made available to the scientific community in reasonable time.

Laurent Longuevergne (Ploemeur)
Jan van der Kruk (Krauthausen)
Alain Dassargues (Hermalle)
Carsten Leven (Lauswiesen)
Jean-Christophe Maréchal (Hyderabad)
Jan-Olof Selroos (SKB) & Mats Ohlsson (SKB)
Nico Trauth (University of Leipzig)
Karsten Jensen (Hobe)
Philippe Brunner (Emme)
Maria Pool (Argentona)
Cédric Champollion (Larzac)
Konstantinos Chalikakis (LSBB)
 & 3 experts from the Advisory Board :

Kamini Singha, Bridget Scanlon, Ty Ferré