The Selection Committee

The SC will set up the recruitment strategy and procedures, with a recruitment target of 40% female researchers. It will favour the integration of the ETN fellows within the network, and to increase the ESR awareness of job opportunities within the European Research Area. The SC will rely on the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. They will meet regularly during the network meeting and more frequently at the beginning of the project through video conferences.

Philippe Davy
Olivier Bour
Damien Jougnot
Jesus Carrera
J.A (Sander) Huisman
 Jan Fleckenstein
Frederic Nguyen
Carsten Leven-Pfister
Majken C. Looms
Niklas Linde
Philip Brunner
Cédric Champollion
Bruno Desruelle
Caroline Darcel
Athena Chalari

The SC will gather at the beginning of the project and will be dissolved after the recruitment of all the ESRs. It can be reconstituted on exceptional circumstances if decided by the SB.