The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the key governance structure of the ENIGMA network. It hosts one representative each of the academic and industrial partners and two representatives of the recruited ESRs.

The partners have a concern for gender equality. In a field where men are traditionally more represented, the supervisory board is composed of at least 20% women.


  1. assess scientific research training programme
  2. coordinate actions of the TTC, EIC and selection committees


1. CNRS Rennes Philippe Davy
2. CSIC Barcelona Jesus Carrera
3. Forschungszentrum Jülich, Agrosphere Institute IBG-3 Sander Huisman
4. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Jan Fleckenstein
5. University of Liège Frédéric Nguyen
6. University of Tübingen Olaf A.Cirpka
7. University of Copenhagen Majken Looms Zibar
8. University of Lausanne Niklas Linde
9. Neuchâtel University Philipp Brunner
10. µQuans Bruno Desruelle
11. Itasca Consultants S.A.S. Caroline Darcel
12. SILIXA (partner not beneficiary) Athena Chalari
Stanford University Jef Caers
Oregon University John Selker
University of Montpellier Cédric Champollion
BRGM J-Christophe Maréchal
SKB Jan-Olof Selroos
AQUA Guillaume de Schepper
University of Mons Pascal Goderniaux
ACQUA Mireia Iglesias Carrera

Representatives for the ESRs, elected in Liège in October 2017:

Alejandro Fernandez Visentini and Veronika Rieckh