Partner Organizations

1. Stanford University

Key persons:

Prof. Jef Caers (Director of the Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting)

2. Oregon State University

Key persons:

Prof. John Selker

3. University of Montpellier

Key persons:

Dr. Cédric Champollion
Nicolas Le Moigne (engineer responsible of the French gravity facility)


Key persons:

Dr. Jean-Christophe Maréchal
Dr Adrien Selles


Key persons:

Dr. Athena Chalari
Dr. Francesco Ciocca

6. Geotechnik Heiligenstadt

Key persons:

Elmar Dräger
Thomas Weiz
Uwe Heide
Klaus Faiß


Key persons:

Dr. Guillaume de Schepper (previously Dr. Tanguy ROBERT)

8. SKB

Key persons:

Dr. Diego Mas Ivars (Rock mechanics expert and research coordinator at SKB)
Dr. Raymond Munier (Geoscientific research coordinator at SKB )
Dr. Jan-Olof Selroos (Research coordinator within hydrogeological modelling at SKB)

9. Agència Catalana de l’Aigua

Key persons:

Mireia Iglesias
Oihane Astui

10. University of Mons

Key persons:

Prof. Pascal Goderniaux

11. University of Ghent

Key Persons:

Prof. Thomas Hermans