PhD 14 : Geologically constrained joint inversion of hydraulic, tracer and ERT data for process visualization

Objectives: (1) Develop effective and efficient methods for the inversion of flow, heat transport, electrical conduction and conservative and reactive solute transport, and (2) Apply these methods to ENIGMA sites

Expected Results: Effective integration of geological understanding into model inversion remains the single most challenging hurdle for reliable groundwater inversion. Thus, the novelty of the procedure lies in including sequential stratigraphy concepts (well known for the Argentona site, where hydraulic tests coupled to heat and conservative and reactive tracer tests will be conducted simultaneously with ERT campaigns). Inversion will be based on optimizing model fit to hard data on state variables (T, h, C, V), of fields conditioned to categorical data (textural information from boreholes) and sequential stratigraphy concepts on continuity and orientation of layers. This will allow testing the validity of geological assumptions. The inversion should provide a detailed visualization of the actual processes occurring in the field, which would allow us to gain understanding on these processes. Specifically, it should allow us to understand Radium mobilization in the freshwater-saltwater mixing zone. The methodology of joint inversion will be developed in collaboration with ESRs 13 and 15

Supervisors: CSIC Barcelona / Co-Supervisors: UCPH Copenhagen, ACA Barcelona
Contact : Jesus Carrera. jesus.carrera(at)

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