2nd Enigma meeting – Liège – 12 & 13 October 2017

Practical information

The program can be downloaded : here

The program for the H+ meeting can be dowloaded here

Presentations during this meeting :

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Presentations of the ESRs

Presentations of the Experimental Sites

Administrative aspects by M-Françoise Gerard

  • Training & tutoring :

About workshop 2 in Ploemeur october 2017

About workshops 3&4 in Lausanne in February 2018
by Niklas Linde

About Summer School in Corsica in June/July 2018
by Damien Jougnot

  • Experimental Infrastructure Committee discussion:

Database presentation : Hermalle presentation
y Richard Hoffmann & Jorge Lopez Alvis

  • Supervisory Board discussion:

Supervisory Board presentation by P.Davy