Field Experiments

ENIGMA ITN focuses training on the development of innovative field methods for in situ imaging of spatial distribution and temporal dynamics of coupled flow, transport and reactive transport processes. ENIGMA fellows have access to highly instrumented field observatories across Europe: the second workshop at H+ field observatory Ploemeur provided the fellows a field demonstration of the complementarity of different methods they will use during their research projects.

Here are presented the different common field experiments that have taken place during the project.

Tracer Test experiment with drone imaging

December 2019
with Guilherme Nogueira and Joel Tirado-Conde

SP monitoring of saline intrusion

November 2019 at CNRS – Geosciences Rennes
with Kevin de Vriendt and Alejandro Fernandez Visentini

Chemiluminescent experiment

July 2019 at CNRS – Geosciences Rennes
with Kevin de Vriendt and Satoshi Izumoto

Natural gradient tracer experiment

May – June 2019 at Krauthausen field site (Jülich Research Center)
with Peleg Haruzi, Jan van der Kruk (FZJ), Behzad Pouladi, Richard Hoffmann, Jérôme de la Bernardie (CNRS – UR1)

ERT surveys

October 2018 – July 2019 at HOBE field sites ( University of Copenhagen)
with Andrea Palacios and Joel Tirado-Conde

Tracer test experiment

November 2018 at SKB Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory (Sweden)
with Justine Molron, Niklas Linde, Tanguy Le Borgne