Poster: Flow dynamics and resulting reactivity in the transition zone between streams and riparian aquifers

Event: EGU 2019 General Assembly, Vienna (Austria)
Poster by Guilherme Nogueira, Christian Schmidt, Nico Trauth, Jan H. Fleckenstein


Stream-groundwater mixing zones are well known for their role in facilitating ecosystem metabolism which also results in enhanced water quality (e.g. by denitrification). However, due to their highly dynamic biogeophysical characteristics (i.e. temperature, flow directions, residence times), a simple and general quantification of the reactivity potential is not readily possible.

Here, we combined conservative and reactive tracer-tests with high frequency measurements of electrical conductivity (EC) and dissolved oxygen (DO) to enhance the understanding of the hydraulic variations on aquifer’s reactivity potential. We analysed the reactivity in terms of Damköhler numbers (DA) and assess its patterns over time and space, while comparing its dependency on short and long term temperature and river discharge fluctuations.


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