ENIGMA Summer School

Sensing and modelling flow and transport processes in heterogeneous subsurface environments

Objective: The summer school will provide a high level scientific training covering a broad range of experimental and modelling topics relevant for subsurface processes investigations. The summer school will be opened to about 80 students.


  • Role of the subsurface in the water cycle: transfer between groundwater, surface water, atmosphere, climate, ecology.
  • Fundamental processes: single phase and multiphase flows, reactive transport, density driven flows, biological processes
  • Experimental methods: hydrological characterization (hydraulic, heat and solute tracer test, flux measurement), hydrogeophysics (electric, electromagnetic, seismic, tilt, gravimetric methods), microscale imaging (tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging, particle tracking, optical methods, microfluidics)
  • Modelling approaches: numerical methods (deterministic, particle-based, stochastic), data modelling (inversion, assimilation), upscaling, complexity reduction, uncertainty and predictability
  • Industrial and societal applications: water management, geothermal energy, CO2 storage, waste storage, contaminant transport and remediation, shale gas and fracking (presentations by industrial partners)