Workshop 2

Multi-scale in situ investigation of fractured media: theory and field practice

Ploemeur, France

15 October 2017 to 20 October 2017

Objective: provide advanced knowledge and practice on state of the art field methods for quantifying heterogeneous subsurface storage compartments at different scales in fractured media and detecting limited-size active fractures, orientation, extent and connectivity by single and cross borehole tests. The workshop will take advantage of the existing hydrogeophysical experimental infrastructures present at the H+ Ploemeur observatory to show the complementarity of different methods to investigate complex fractured media through field practice.


  • Borehole geophysics, identification of fractures, packer and tracer tests, flow measurements in fractured media
  • Measuring flow in boreholes from active-DTS fiber-optic methods (with industrial partner SILIXA)
  • Surface ERT/seismic, EM mapping & sounding, PS/SIP measurements, micro-seismicity
  • Ground surface deformation methods (tiltmeter, elastic and poro-elastic deformation)
  • Presentation of the water management strategy for the fractured aquifer of Ploemeur by Cap Lorient water services
  • Industrial case studies of fracture media field investigation including applications in petroleum, shale gas, geothermal energy, mining, radioactive waste storage and carbon dioxide storage (presentation by industrial partner ITASCA)
  • Field demonstration of methods and instruments by lecturers, trainees and industrial partners for stake holders