Workshop 5

Lifetime skills

Objective: The objective of the workshop is to provide the skills and tools to the fellows for a successful management of their PhD project, an effective communication of their research results and an optimal preparation of their professional future whether in academic, industrial or regulatory sectors including all the aspects of a career (transfer of technology, IPR, management of a team and a project, etc.). A particular emphasis will be placed on project management and technology transfer with the close involvement of all the industrial partners, as a well as BRGM in the workshop.


  • Strengthen my skills as a researcher: developing my leadership, manage successfully IPR issues, manage a budget, manage a team, manage difficult situations, supervise students / young researchers, maintain my sense of innovation,
  • Communicate and valorise my scientific result: exploring all communication tools to know how I can valorise my research
  • Develop a new professional project: job search and social networks, entrepreneurship from Research to Business
  • My Tools: identify and develop PhD skills, skills assessment and professional project, CV and motivation letter, how to introduce yourself in the company’s world with a PhD degree in your hands?, foreign languages
  • Presentation by industrial partners of their company, with emphasis on links between industry and research
  • Creation of a high tech start-up company (mQUANS, SHS)
  • Interaction with the policy community (BRMG, ACA), managing scientific projects in developing countries (BRGM)