Please find below videos produced within the ENIGMA network and by ENIGMA researchers.

“Do you know that we walk on water?”

French researchers celebrated the 80th anniversary of ENIGMA coordinator- CNRS by making a video for a wide audience on groundwaters. ESR5 supervisor Laurent Longuevergne participed to the elaboration of the video directed by Camille Bouchez.

Making the groundwater world visible

Surface GPR monitoring during a tracer test, by Justine Molron

This video shows surface GPR monitoring during a tracer test. It aims to image the hydraulic connectivity between fractures below a tunnel at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden.

It was produced within ESR 4 Justine Molron research project.

Hydro-geophysical experiment, by Lara Blazevic

Lara Blazevic shows her hydro-geophysical experiment at the H+ site Guidel in September 2018. It was produced within her research project.

Smart temperature tracing using heat and cold water in India, by Richard Hoffmann

In this video, we follow Richard Hoffmann’s experience to observe and characterize processes occuring in fractures and rock matrix. Find more on Richard research project here.

Experimental tracer test with geophysical monitoring, by Veronika Rieckh

This video shows Veronika’s field work at the test site Lauswiesen (Germany), and particularly a forced gradient combined salt-uranine tracer experiment monitored with electrical resistivity tomography.

It is part of her research project.