Recruitment procedures


Applicants for ENIGMA ( Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions ) job positions will be selected on their potential for scientific excellence and adaptability to work in a multicultural environment. Recruitment will be a transparent, open and equal process following the guidelines of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Before applying , please read the eligibility criteria.

Candidates are required to apply online for one to maximum three positions and indicate their preference. They provide all requested information including a detailed CV and a letter of motivation. During the registration, applicants will need to prove that they are eligible, according to the ESR definition, mobility criteria, and English language proficiency.

A recruitment committee (including ENIGMA scientific coordinator, the ESR supervisors at host institutions) has been set for each PhD (ESR)  position. Its role is to ensure that the procedure follows the recruitment criteria of scientific excellence.

Each position will be filled once the right candidate has been found.
If no satisfactory candidates are found for a given project after the first call for positions, the vacant position will be re-advertised following the same rules and procedure.

There will be several deadlines for application :
March 25th 2017 and July 09th 2017 to prepare discussion by the selection committee on respectively March 30th 2017 and July 16th 2017.

The selected candidates will be interviewed by the supervisors. In order to facilitate their travel, selected candidates will have their travels funded to meet the supervisor (paid by the prioritized supervisor). The final decision on appointment will be made by the selection committee. The selected ESRs are to start their research as quickly as possible.