ENIGMA conference

Innovative methods for imaging dynamic processes in heterogeneous aquifers: bridging the worlds of subsurface hydraulics, geophysics, geochemistry, and microbiology

Objective: It is envisioned to organize the final ENIGMA conference as a joint event of the TERENO network, H+ network, HOBE observatory and CRITEX project. The objective is to take advantage of the long-term observatories and instrumental projects that closely interact with ENIGMA to reach the largest possible audience in Europe. Thus, it is expected that around 300 participants with direct interest in environmental, hydrological and geophysical science and applications will take part in the event (see e.g. last TERENO 2014 conference http://www.tereno-conference2014.de). The objective of the conference is to provide a comprehensive overview of state-of-research imaging techniques for dynamic processes in subsurface environments.


  • Frontiers in processes investigation from geophysical monitoring: signature of flow, transport, reactivity, signal identification and extraction, geophysical modelling and scaling laws.
  • State-of-research in the exploration of spatial patterns, fluxes and reactive processes in surface – subsurface groundwater boundaries, including unsaturated, saline intrusion and river-groundwater systems.
  • Advanced modelling techniques for coupling multiple and disparate data, multi-point geostatistics, training-image based algorithms and pattern-based geostatistical simulations.
  • Merging of worlds: geophysical tomography for direct assessment of geochemical states, joint inversion of structure and hydraulic properties, cross-inference of point-based geochemical/microbiological measurements.
  • Perspectives on added-value of novel imaging techniques applied in highly instrumented field infrastructures.
  • Feedback of industrial partners on emerging challenges, new instrument exhibition, examples of water/energy/mitigation applications, new methods to answer regulation needs.
  • Field demonstration of methods and instruments by lecturers, trainees and industrial partners.
  • The publication of a white paper, managed by the trainees, on innovative methods for imaging dynamic processes in the heterogeneous subsurface environments is envisioned as an output of the conference.