ENIGMA final conference

Copenhagen, 14-16 April 2020

Please note that the conference is postponed to an unknown date due to the COVID19 crisis.

The final ENIGMA conference “In Situ Imaging of Dynamic subsurface Processes” will take place on April 14th-16th 2020 in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Its aims to bring the worlds of subsurface hydraulics, geophysics, geochemistry and microbiology together, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of state of research imaging techniques for dynamic processes in subsurface environments.

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Provisional Agenda

Download the program here

ENIGMA ITN Conference Organization Committee

Coordination: Tanguy Le Borgne, Damien Jougnot, Patricia Gautier
PhD students: Anneka Cooke, Richard Hoffmann, Andrea Palacios, Behzad Pouladi, Veronika Rieckh, Joel Tirado Conde
ENIGMA ITN Conference Local Committee: 
Peter Engesgaard, Majken Looms (UCPH)

Scientific Committee
Jesus Carrera (CSIC)
Niklas Linde (University of Lausanne)
Jean-Christophe Maréchal (University of Montpellier)
Jan-Olof Selroos (SKB)
Frédéric Nguyen (University of Liège)
Kamini Singha (School of Mines, Colorado)
Ty Ferré (University of Arizona)
Bridget Scanlon (University of Texas)
Maria Pool (former CSIC)