Beneficiary : Neuchatel University (UNINE)

The UNINE-CHYN is a leading Swiss institute for groundwater research and training. The institute hosts five research groups in applied hydrogeology, quantitative hydrogeology, stochastic hydrogeology, hydrochemistry / contaminants and geothermics.

The Emmental is a pre-alpine river catchment (about 200 km2) in central Switzerland with steep hydraulic gradients with rapid groundwater flow rates (up 100 m/d). The site is very well instrumented and features an on-line collection of sensor data for generating and the verifying environmental models. Long time series of e.g. stream flow, meteo data, temperature measurements and isotopic data exist. We have full access to the unique laboratory infrastructure at the University of Bern (Collaboration with Dr. R. Purtschert) for the Argon 37 analysis.

Members involved in ENIGMA ITN

Prof. Philip Brunner (Professor)
Prof. Daniel Hunkeler (Professor)
Prof. Philippe Renard (Professor)

Hosting of ESR